Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our movers will take necessary precautions to keep your belongings protected in lighter conditions, however, in heavier conditions such as lightning, heavy rainfall, etc. Movers may have to pause temporarily until conditions are safe. Billing will be paused until the move is resumed.

In this case the earlier packing is started the more efficient your move will be. One of the biggest slowdowns on moving day is not being fully prepared. Not having the property fully packed will result in more time and costs added to your original estimated quote. We cannot stress enough the importance of being fully packed and prepared, if you have any questions on packing techniques please feel free to reach out to us!


Important paperwork & Valuables

Phone Charger

Pen and Paper

Zip lock bags (to keep little pieces together)

A few Snacks

Paper Plates, Napkins, and a few utensils (for carry-out)

Trash bags

Essential medications

Blankets (sheets if you’re really organized)


Tool Kit


Razor blade/Scissors/Knife to open boxes

Personal Hygiene/Toiletries


Cleaning Supplies

In most cases, quotes can be determined over the phone. Luxury Moving will do a home visit if any of the following conditions apply:
1) Moving out of state.
2) Pieces such as a piano, pool table, safe, or high end/vinatage items or irregular moving conditions that may require addition attention.
3) Living space greater than 1600 sq ft.
Luxury Moving wants the provide the most accurate quotes. If you feel more comfortable with a in home visit for any reason, please communicate that to us and we can schedule one.

Luxury moving does provide Packing and Unpacking services. Please see “services” section or contact us at 512-777-0088 for additional information or to schedule our packing services.

While tips aren’t mandatory, they are greatly appreciated if you think the movers did a good job and took care of you.

Our movers try their best to take care of all your belongings to the best of their ability, however accidents can happen. We are a local, family owned business and understand how frustrating it can be for one of your possessions to be damaged.

Please contact one of the owners via phone or email as soon as possible to start the claims process. We will work closely with the customer to take necessary steps towards a resolution.

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